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backwards poster 470Ever since I was 7 years old I’ve always wanted to make some kind of movie, feature or short, documentary or fiction, comedy or drama. I just wanted to go through a big production and be able to point at a poster somewhere and just say: “That’s my movie!”.

In January, 2013 me and one of my best friends Love Sigurd started our own online-content-creator-network “Smack District” with a vision of producing all kinds of visual media. Music videos, TouTube videos, even feature films.

I started in high school for filmmaking in 2013. There I met a bunch ambitious people. This of corse added to my eager to finally make my film. I’ve never seen myself as a writer but I wanted to start so bad that I decided to write my own script. When I finally announced what I had worked on, I was approached by the talented director Nina Stråhed. So I decided to leave the directing all in her hands and focus on the cinematography and we started working on a final draft together. Suddenly, Backwards was about to become reality.
My movie. My poster.

So this is where we’re at. We already have some of the crew locked. For example my great friend, Niels Rosenkrands on sound design & mixing and our trustworthy companion,
Karl Alemo as co-producer and boom operator.

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